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Villages Innovate Milestones
Kathleen Chromicz
1 Plan and launch a collaborative Computer Coding Club 2 Start creating the Villages Innovate website 3 Write + disseminate a media release about the Computer Coding Club 4 Write + disseminate a media release about the collaboration with Adjacent To One
5/17/2015 at 12:00 AM
A Light in a Dark Tunnel...

It is a joy that cannot be hidden as all can see the happy faces of the Childrens' Garden Star-Tech group as we undertake our weekly computer lesson at the International School of Kenya, Nairobi.

This is a golden opportunity for this group of young students who are dedicated and ready to make a difference by positively impacting our community using the new techniques and technology we are learning. Despite being faced by a challenge of commuting every Sunday to her school's computer lab, we are ready to use the time we get every Sunday to maximally benefit from it.

Thanks to our teacher, Kathleen, who has made tireless efforts to commute the group every Sunday from our CG Home in Uthiru to the computer lab at her school. It's through her passion for the success of the group that we too have been motivated to get to the desired destiny....ours is a pledge that we shall do our very best to utilize the resources at hand to spring us to the next level. We might not be where we want to be, but at least we are not where we were.

Post by Stanley K.

Note from Kathleen:

It is with great joy that the students are finding their voices as well as developing programming skills. When Stanley volunteered to write a post from his point of view, I knew we were making great progress. In return, they are helping me improve my Swahili!

I will be leaving them for 6 weeks in June and hope to be able to set them up at the Childrens' Garden Home to work on their skills until I return in July. We want to find some laptops or tablets so that they can continue to build their skills independently. Their motivation is inspiring!

The students are amazing, and we will be ready for the next stage of pairing them with students from my school to build lasting relationships as they partner in their app-making ventures. 

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Kathleen Chromicz

Villages Innovate Kathleen is a teacher committed to Service Learning concerning global issues. She is a mother to two grown men who she regularly video conferences with just so they can keep up with her.

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Digital Commuter Strategy Our big idea is to use digital technology to improve and streamline the end-to-end experience of New York City's public transportation system. We're on the hunt for a mom who is as passionate as we are about innovation in public transportation. 

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