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Villages Innovate Milestones
Kathleen Chromicz
1 Plan and launch a collaborative Computer Coding Club 2 Start creating the Villages Innovate website 3 Write + disseminate a media release about the Computer Coding Club 4 Write + disseminate a media release about the collaboration with Adjacent To One
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5/14/2014 at 1:00 AM
The Passion Behind Villages Innovate
What drives my passion?

Hearts, minds, and souls link each other, awakening ideas and creating connections that inspire me to act. I know that each of us has the power to touch what we deliberately focus on in surprising ways.
Growing up in the fifties and sixties brought shocking realities and powerful opportunities for me to get involved in promoting basic human rights. People around me supported my engagement in these struggles. When I taught in northern Ghana (1974-1976) as a Peace Corp Volunteer, I witnessed positive and subtle changes, however small, resulting from collaborative and problem-solving interactions between human beings of widely varying backgrounds. I saw the possibilities of world synergy.
Upon arriving back in the States, I found that the tones and meaning of the African drums had permeated my heart and soul. Combined with previous experiences of the power of human connection, I chose to actively disrupt my entire view of the education needed to drive local and global change. Educating children to experience reality, to interact in the world, and to learn to serve globally became part of my life.
Experiencing the sustainable directions that emerge from connecting children and young adults in multi-cultural pursuits is compelling.  Seeing their resulting joy and belief in life convinces me that the work is imperative. Listening to deep reflections that unfold into new perspectives and spiraling commitments drives the passion beyond incredible obstacles. I see a world that could be theirs and ours.

Meet the Moms

& Their Projects
Kathleen Chromicz

Villages Innovate Kathleen is a teacher committed to Service Learning concerning global issues. She is a mother to two grown men who she regularly video conferences with just so they can keep up with her.

Adjacent To One

Digital Commuter Strategy Our big idea is to use digital technology to improve and streamline the end-to-end experience of New York City's public transportation system. We're on the hunt for a mom who is as passionate as we are about innovation in public transportation. 

Past Moms

Science Matters, Ameeta Mukherjee

Ameeta is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, and worked as an engineer and scientist in Silicon Valley for over 15 years. She lives in California with her husband and two young boys.